Adding a Shared Mailbox to the new Outlook app and Outlook Online

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of adding a shared mailbox to your Outlook account. Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues or managing a team inbox, integrating a shared mailbox can significantly enhance your productivity and organization. Let’s dive in! In the “new” Outlook Right click on your primary mailbox email address and […]

SCAM ALERT – Direct Deposit Scams

In the past couple of days, a number of our clients have reported attempted and successful direct deposit/impersonation scams. In each case, a bad actor sends an email to the person presumably responsible for updating direct deposit information (eg: admin, HR, accounting, owner). The display name on the email impersonates an employee of the organization. […]

sureway nwa building entrance

Network Installation at Sureway NWA

The Client Sureway NWA is a locally owned 3rd party logistics company located in Bentonville. They offer full service freight brokerage including LTL (less-than-truckload), full truckload, intermodal, and oversize loads. The nature of this business provokes a fast-paced, transactional operation that demands instant feedback, counteraction, and incident management. Operations at Sureway NWA are highly dependent […]

avad3 building

Networking at avad3

The Client avad3, Inc. is a event production company located in Lowell, Arkansas. They produce over 100 shows and events around the country each year. Their team is focused on one thing: quality results for their clients. The staff at avad3 is lean, focused, and extremely passionate about what they do. How we’re helping When […]

padlock on an old door

Ransomware in the News

Do all the ransomware attacks in the news have you concerned? If you aren’t taking measures to prevent and handle ransomware, you’re driving in the pouring down rain with bald tires. Here are some things you can do to defend and prepare: Train your users to recognize malicious email. Resist opening links and attachments from […]

photo of a service at Thrive Church

Managed IT at Thrive Church

The Client Thrive is a church in Camden, Arkansas. Their mission is to love God, love people, and take action! They have a worship service each Sunday and have several other ministries happening during the week. Thrive is passionate about sharing God’s love with people in the Camden community and around the world. How We’re […]