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Networking at avad3

The Client

avad3, Inc. is a event production company located in Lowell, Arkansas. They produce over 100 shows and events around the country each year. Their team is focused on one thing: quality results for their clients. The staff at avad3 is lean, focused, and extremely passionate about what they do.

How we’re helping

When avad3 called our staff in 2018, they were just starting to build their home base in Lowell. In true avad3 form, they knew they wanted things done right from the beginning; so they asked us to look over their data and electrical plans and point out any potential issues or improvements. They knew they wanted wired network connections throughout the building and 100% WiFi coverage for not only their business, but also tenants in the rented portions of the building.

We love new construction, so we were very excited to help. We were able to offer valuable input regarding the physical network design, wireless network design, and equipment selection. During the construction process, we walked the site to make sure everything was going according to plan.

Fast-forward to 2021. The avad3 building is buzzing with day-to-day event production operations. Production managers are sending and receiving heavy amounts of content for events. Live video conference interviews are being recorded. The shop is inventory-scanning production gear on and off of trucks. On some days, virtual events are being streamed live to a global audience. Supporting all of this critical internet-based activity is a stable network installed, monitored, and serviced by Tectro IT.

Whether your organization is moving into a new building or you’re just tired of weak WiFi and having to reboot the router, give us a call. We’d love to earn your trust as we have with avad3. We’ll come alongside to learn about your business and provide valuable solutions that make sense for your organization.

To learn more about avad3, visit their website at avad3.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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