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Network Installation at Sureway NWA

The Client

Sureway NWA is a locally owned 3rd party logistics company located in Bentonville. They offer full service freight brokerage including LTL (less-than-truckload), full truckload, intermodal, and oversize loads. The nature of this business provokes a fast-paced, transactional operation that demands instant feedback, counteraction, and incident management.

Operations at Sureway NWA are highly dependent on their technology. Like most other modern businesses, much of their business happens via the Internet. Their dispatchers take calls from drivers and customers around the clock.

The Opportunity

When Sureway called us in the summer of 2021, they had just closed on a new 4,400 sqft office building. At their previous location, they had been struggling with internet stability. Their service was interrupted at the most inopportune times; bringing operations to a halt. Their phone system dropped calls regularly. They found themselves having to reboot their wifi router several times per day.

Sureway NWA’s new facility on McNelly Rd.

Their owner knew that, as a logistics company, this was no way to operate. They wanted stable systems in their new building so they could continue to meet and exceed the excellence their clients know and expect.

How We’re Helping

Sureway NWA was eager to get moved into their new facility, so we got right to work. As a temporary solution, we installed a simple Wi-Fi router so that they would at least have some Internet connectivity in the building while we worked on the overall solution. First, we surveyed the existing network cabling in the building; identifying, labeling, testing and repairing where needed. Then we worked with the owner to identify where new network connections (aka “drops”) were needed and installed those. We also started cleaning up the cabling in the data closet.

Back at our office, we worked to design a stable network solution complete with an enterprise router and other network gear that would meet the long term needs of the business. This solution included network connections to each desk as well as 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building and outdoor space.

A floorplan drawing was created during the planning phase

Once the proposal was accepted, we were able to execute the full network install. We went from first contact to fully installed network in just 10 days.

We went from first contact to fully installed network in just 10 days.

Today, Sureway NWA is able to deliver excellent service to their clients free of interruption. The gear has been in service 5 months at the time this article was written, and so far, they have not had to reboot anything. In the words of the owner, “It just works.”

Aside from the network infrastructure, the folks at Sureway also trust Tectro with their ongoing IT operations. We diligently provide a full range of IT services, including help desk, new hire onboarding, and VoIP phone service — but those are a posts for another day 🙂

At Tectro IT, we love partnering with organizations to discover ways to help improve your operations. Please contact us today to set up a call.

For more information about Sureway NWA, you can contact them at (479) 464-4064. Be sure to like and follow them on Facebook.

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