photo of a service at Thrive Church

Managed IT at Thrive Church

The Client

Thrive is a church in Camden, Arkansas. Their mission is to love God, love people, and take action! They have a worship service each Sunday and have several other ministries happening during the week. Thrive is passionate about sharing God’s love with people in the Camden community and around the world.

How We’re Helping

Like many churches, Thrive doesn’t have an IT guy on staff. They do, however, have production computers that enable their audio, lyrics, and live streaming during their weekly services. They also have computers that support their administrative operations and virtual counselling.

Now that Thrive has partnered with Tectro IT, they don’t fuss with updating and maintaining computers. Their staff can focus on carrying out the mission of the organization. When they have an issue, they have full access to our tech support. When Sunday comes, they don’t worry about computer issues because our monitoring will identify many issues proactively so we can address the before it’s too late.

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