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Ransomware in the News

Do all the ransomware attacks in the news have you concerned?

If you aren’t taking measures to prevent and handle ransomware, you’re driving in the pouring down rain with bald tires.

Here are some things you can do to defend and prepare:

  • Train your users to recognize malicious email. Resist opening links and attachments from unknown sources.
  • Enable MFA/2FA on all of your accounts.
  • Use strong passwords and do not reuse passwords across multiple services.
  • Backup, backup, backup! And strategize your backups so that you don’t backup the infected files. Why pay the ransom when you can just restore your data from a backup?

We can manage all these things for you with our managed IT services.

  • Our managed online training and testing platform will have your employees spotting and swatting those malicious emails at the outset.
  • We can help you take inventory of your systems accounts and require MFA.
  • We offer backup solutions that will enable you to get back up and do business in case of an attack or disaster.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our goal is to get to know your business and provide valuable solutions that make sense your company.

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